landscape urbanism (dot) com

The compound term landscape urbanism offers a way to regain references to people, place and nature within the design field and urban context. In pairing landscape with urbanism, landscape urbanism reintroduces critical connections with natural and hidden systems and proposes the use of such systems as a flexible approach to the current concerns and problems of urban conditions.
— http://scenariojournal.com/article/christopher-gray/

I was recently delighted to be asked to contribute to a brand new website and online publication: landscapeurbanism.com. Founder and editor-in-chief Sarah Kathleen Peck is the driving force behind the initiative and it was a fantastic experience to work with her and her team on an article for the inaugural issue themed around ideas of “Indeterminacy and multiplicity”. The piece is titled “Landscape urbanism: definitions and trajectory” and seeks to examine how landscape urbanism – and parallel practices – have evolved in the past decade. The website looks great and has a growing body of supporting work in addition to the specific issues. I look forward to reading the next issue!